Water is the most precious resource on earth, and communities are realizing that water use accountability has never been more essential. Our founders, one of whom is a former conservation director for the second driest state in the United States, recognized the need for a tool that better serves system needs.

The result is AquaMedian™, an intuitive and effective platform that works with any billing program that can export a csv/excel file. AquaMedian™ is an intuitive and effective solution to help water systems throughout the world better understand water use trends, identify opportunities for efficiency and mitigate resource risk.

By empowering water suppliers to reduce waste and optimize supply, we are helping systems plan for growth, reduce costs and be better prepared for the water challenges of the future. AquaMedian™ empowers you to easily manage your water resources and promote a sustainable water future in your community.

The AquaMedian Water System Admin Portal™

  • Customizable by you based on the needs of your system
  • Analytics to identify areas of high water use and water waste
  • Regional spatial trend visualization to track changes in water use over time
  • Effective public engagement tools to promote water conservation and a sustainable water future
  • Integration with existing billing programs that export a csv file
  • User-friendly dashboard to manage water resources and user accounts

The AquaMedian Water Consumer Portal™

  • Personalized water use scorecard for consumers
  • Customized goals for consumers
  • Water resources based on use categories defined by the water system
  • Water-saving tips and best practices for consumers
  • Comparative data analytics to help consumers understand their water use compared to others with similar lot sizes
  • Access to the portal through a mobile app

The AquaMedian Water Funding Partner Portal™

  • In-depth data analysis and reporting on water use and conservation efforts
  • Ability to track water system performance trends and impact
  • Reports that show conservation progress as a result of funding
  • Facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing, identifying conservation opportunities and generating data-driven strategies

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