Serving Public Servants

Public servants work hard every day to make citizens’ lives better. Whether that work means ensuring a clean and reliable source of water, safety in the community, effective transportation or citizen health, these dedicated individuals often put extraordinary effort into providing accessible and meaningful service. Yet, these endeavors often go unrecognized.

That’s where GovFriend comes in. We specialize in helping governmental organizations create strategic plans, develop innovative tools and software, and streamline processes. Our focus is simplifying the lives of public servants  and simultaneously improving citizen experience. We look forward to working with you.

Empowered Programming and Software Development

Innovative and user-friendly online solutions are critical to increasing efficiency and solving real challenges. We create unique tools to meet your unique needs. We use iterative processes to ensure the end product works, and provide training to promote full adoption.

Natural Resources Consulting

We know water and natural resources. In a sector where almost every action has a high stakes reaction, strategic, sustainable processes and strategies are vital. GovFriend helps clients identify and implement solutions, improve stakeholder relationships and promote sound policy.

LEAP Stakeholder Analysis

Organizations are often tasked with serving customers they don’t adequately understand. As a solution, GovFriend conducts a analysis that evaluates stakeholders at the Legislative, Executive, Administrative and Public (LEAP) levels.

  1. Provide you with a deeper understanding of the people you serve
  2. Offer insights in planning for and achieving success

We walk a mile in your customers’ shoes to help you serve them better.

Strategic Planning

GovFriend assists in strategic planning to help identify key issues, set goals and objectives, and manage the implementation of actions to make real and measurable improvements.

Conflict and Communications Consulting

Public servants are often put into situations where they are responsible for communicating information that can be easily misinterpreted, leading to conflict. GovFriend’s public involvement, facilitation, media relations, social media management and conflict resolution expertise helps clients navigate these high-stakes interactions and processes.

Let’s work together!

We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Let’s start a conversation:

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